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Sorma... korkma...!
En güzel hayatı sana veriyor
Dönme... hatta koş!
Bu varlık seni yutacak

Sordun… niçin!
Zor ya da kolay: yaparsın sen
Yine... bağır!
Hiçkimse senin sesini duyamaz

Bu varlık ne ve ne yapıyoruz?
Bittiği zaman, olacak ne dünyada?

Hayal gücün aklınla oyunu oynuyor (kendini kurtar)
Kimse yoksaydı, kim seni vaftiz edecekti?
Beni dinle! Beni duyuyor musun? (bulmaya çalışıyorum)
Kimse yoksaydı, kim seni vaftiz edecekti?
Bu varlık değil

Ben gibi miyim ben? Sen gibi misin sen?
Biz kimin suretinde yaratıldık?

Kimsin sen? Yokluksun
Kimsin sen? Varlıksın
Kimsin sen? Bu varlık olmayacak.



Don't ask, don't be afraid!
He's giving you the most beautiful/wonderful life
Don't come back, in fact run!
This existence is going to swallow you

You ask why!
If it's hard, if it's easy: you'll do it
Scream again!
Nobody can hear your voice at all

What is this existence/creature, and what are we doing?
When it's over, what will there be in the world?

Your imagination is playing a game with your mind (save yourself)
If nobody was there, who would baptize you?
Listen to me! Can you hear me? (I'm trying to find it)
If nobody was there, who would baptize you?
Not this creature/existence

Am I like me? Are you like you?
In whose image were we created?

Who are you? You are [the] nothingness/nonexistence
Who are you? You are [the] existence/creature
KWho are you? It will not be this existence

Another Turkish rock song. Rock on!

The meaning here is very philosophical. I owe it to Okay, my Turk buddy for helping me strengthen the lyric a bit.

The interpretation for whether "Varlık" should mean "existence" or "creature" in the slashed meaning instances is entirely up to interpretation, and my translation is just one of several purposeful possibilities. I LOVE Turkish. <3


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February 22, 2012
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